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Voices for Indigenous Women

Voices for Indigenous Women


“Justice for missing and murdered Indigenous Women” in collaboration
with CKUT 90.3 FM present:

at the Eastern Bloc,
located at 7240 Clark, corner Jean-Talon (métro de Castelnau)
10$ at the door

giving up smoking

Giving up smoking sucks!!! I realise that I had more tolerance for people when I was a smoker. It was like this…”You are annoying me…you’re really pissing me off!! but it’s okay I have this drug…tobacco …so everything you say effects me less.” Oh yes yes…the truth the almighty truthtobacco!!
I am going crazy right now not getting it!…like a heroin junkie…”gimme a fuckin cigarette ya cunt!”
I am trying…it’s hard..trying..all I can think of is cigarettes! gimme cigarettes..sweet..drug filled cigarettes!
I didn’t realise how much of a junkie I really was!!

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Le mots du jour

joyeux noel

It is Christmas day today, the sun is shining and all feelings of depression have dissipated. I try to walk down slippery streets. Every time I feel as if I am about to slide, I gesture my arms upwards, keeping balance, saving face. I haven’t fallen yet, but I almost fall at least fifty times a day!
But thanks to all this snow and ice I was able to go ice skating today on the top of Mont Royal. I haven’t skated since I was a teenager and that was inside a shopping center, with tragic eighties disco and top 40 hits blasting out of the speakers. It is much better to be outside in the elements.
Just a bit unsteady on my feet, I try to remember how to skate, taking off slowly, flailing for balance.
I skated around in circles on the frozen pond while the sun stressed down its last rays, the sound of skates cutting into the ice. I feel like daylight vanishes to the night way too quickly, but from now I am happy to say the nights will become shorter.