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Kudo 2007

Kudo (2007) by Carolyn Teo

Materials: Flash animation, acetate, paper, headphones

Kudo is an interactive sound game where a score is created by plotting a kudos graph. The graph acts as a forecast for potential relationships based on incidents and interaction between two people. The result is an audio representation of the current status of play and whether the personal investment in the relationship is worth pursuing. The idea is that your subject dances to their own tune, will you be dancing with them?

blue ladies 2007

tarot 2005

australian landscapes…

Everything is owned, the air we breathe, the forests we walk through, the oceans we swim in – all have a price. Man has changed the landscape to suit his own needs, even to the detriment of the earth itself, placing a price on that which is invaluable. When you peer through the barcode into the natural landscape, your view of the natural world is tarnished by the manmade concept of ownership. ‘Australian Landscapes’ series is a reminder of this type of human intervention in nature.

self portraits 2002