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The Now Now Solo Series no.2 – Wun Thong

Something Else Eastside 89.7FM your weekly guide to alternative arts on Eastside 89.7 FM

WARNING: This week’s Something Else show with Carolyn Teo aka Wun Thong contains hypnotizing Magic Balls and Bird Calls. These sweet atmospheric reverberations should not be listened to while operating heavy machinery. Please listen to this Something Else podcast responsibly. 

Feed The People

­­Feed The People

“He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician.” (Chinese Proverb)

 iteration of the Bendigo project…

Project History

This project started in Bendigo as part of the ‘Seedpod’ residency hosted by Punctum, a live arts organisation based in Castlemaine. During my time in Bendigo I researched and developed the project with the outcome of an art installation and public performance at the Old Fire Station in Bendigo.  I found my time in Bendigo invaluable, as I was able to make connections within the community and learn much of the local history. I wanted to share these histories with people in Sydney, as a lot of Australians, myself included, are unaware of some of the Chinese histories in Australia.


Firstly I would like to thank Terry  for allowing me to exhibit this project at Addison Road Gallery in Sydney. I would also like to thank the Chinese elders Dennis O’Hoy and Russell Jack who have given me invaluable information in regards to the Chinese history and insight into their own family histories in Bendigo. The Golden Dragon Museum and Bendigo Joss House for historical research. David Bannear who was kind enough to take the time to show me some of the old digging sites and cemeteries in the area. Punctum management, staff and technicians who have been extremely professional and supportive, whom without them I would not have been able to realise this project. Many many thanks to Pepper Green Farm who let me record and film on sight. Helen Kelly who has given me a place to stay and a warm welcome into the community of Castlemaine and ofcourse a big thanks to the broader community of Bendigo and Castlemaine, who made the journey a memorable and enjoyable one.

Wun Thong

Wun Thong

Wun Thong at The Sound Of Failure


Wun Thong’s New York City days. Photography by Vija

Wun Thong is a poet and accomplished BS artist who creates experimental music in the genre of Tropical Western Swing. Using elements of chance and improvisation, Wun Thong hypnotizes his audience with his visual aesthetic, mystical balls andexotic bird calls. Wun has spent much of his life in rural Wandiligong, Australia which has had a remarkable and original influence on his musical style. Wun was the only son of a Chinese gold miner named Tu, who tragically died in the mines while Wun was still a young child. The only memory that was left of his father was his love of poetry and a shoebox of correspondence letters from his father’s long time friend Puerto Punos. Puerto Punos became an inspiration to Wun and through his letters he could see that Puerto had already been a great BS artist before the movement even came to be. Wun Thong continues to create music and poetry in honour of Tu Thong and Puerto Punos.