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making jam

Friday night at home. I’m having a jam with myself because there is no one else to jam with. I set up all my contact mic instruments and objects and recorded over the top of each other on seperate tracks. It is not perfect because it is unedited, but it was more of an experiment than anything. Most of the objects I am playing make sounds by chance or one off sounds that are unlikely to be repeated each time I play. Sometimes these one off sounds can actually work really well together.

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This track was made during the middle of winter in Montreal, a tough time where you see little sunlight and rarely leave the house.

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tempete de neige

Meditation On A Wire Fence


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lets play kudo…

I am sorry but the latest versions of WordPress will no longer let you embed html for flash animations because of some problems they were having, so therefor this interactive flash game no longer works on this site.