Closed or Open – Fringe @ upstairs, the Comma 15-24 March 2013


Closed or Open?

Keys have come to signify more than just their function as an object that locks and unlocks. Through representation and association we have constructed metaphors around keys. In superstition they can be the both the bearers of good luck and bad luck; keys have come to represent knowledge, mystery, initiation, curiosity, power, status, ownership and authority. However, the illusion of metaphor does not bring a semblance of truth to the object, we ignore the objects basic function as a key and come to view it on a metaphysical level.

We perceive phenomena differently on the left and right side of the brain. The left being analytical, logical and objective, in contrast to the right; thoughtful, intuitive and subjective. In this installation the left speaker plays sounds of locks being closed, while the right speaker plays sounds of locks being opened, which symbolises the left and right side of the brain respectively.

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Carolyn is delighted to return to the Victorian goldfields to be a part of the Castlemaine Fringe Festival in 2013.

Carolyn is a Sydney based artist who works across media in photography, video, painting, textiles, installation, and experimental sound. Carolyn’s work is reflective of the human condition, peoples stories and experiences, consequently this has developed an interest in regional Australia, particularly in areas that have a rich historical background. In 2011 Carolyn undertook a two week residency in Bendigo as part of Punctum’s ‘Seedpod’ grant. During her stay Carolyn worked closely with the community, interviewing Chinese elder’s Russell Jack and Dennis O’Hoy for insight into the local Chinese history. Sounds were collected from several significant sites, one being PepperGreen Farm, which was originally a Chinese market garden. This research developed into a sound performance and installation of a pop up market garden that was planted by the audience. Since her residency, Carolyn has returned to the region on a number of occasions, most recently for a performance as Wun Thong at Undue Noise ‘Sonic Decadence’ in 2012.

Carolyn graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Media Arts), after having done a stint in Canada as an exchange student at the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design. It was here that she discovered her love for electroacoustic sound, which further developed her character Wun Thong. Carolyn has since been working as an independent artist and arts practitioner, running workshops and working with artists with a disability; she has also been a volunteer on the curatorial committee for Aart Boxx, a national exhibition of contemporary art from Australian artists with a disability. 

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