All Genous

All Genous 2016 – Repurposed Botany Book and canvas

‘All Genous’ is a magical and whimsical journey into the mysterious world of Botany, a visual exploration of our connectivity to the planet and all things. This artwork is made from the illustrations in old Botany books, books that are now rendered obsolete because the content and perhaps format are no longer viable, books that were once trees; that have passed through the hands of an eager student, collected dust on a bookshelf, then ended its life as landfill…or not, in my case.  As I was producing this artwork the words “all” and “genous” stood out to me as I found it quite significant to the work the work I am producing, the images of how plants function and reproduce and the ultimate production of another reality that the mind can produce. Our brain is wired to make sense of what we see and it will begin to take short cuts when it sees a pattern. Are there two baboons driving a car in the image? Or is that plant reproduction? All I know is that these are the Botany lessons I should have taken.

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