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The Time Dweller by Michael Moorcock

I am intrigued by this book for its enticing cover art, of a naked blue man shooting rays out of his brain, while riding a slithering glob like walrus. The walrus has a little pink nose and a lovely head of wavy hair (that the blue man pulls while he shoots rays from his head). Moorcock was really onto something when he wrote this book… ofcourse! that is how aliens spend their time.
So, to give you a taste of the Moorcock experience… here are the first grippingly descriptive sentences from The Time Dweller .

DUSK HAD COME to the universe, albeit the small universe inhabited by Man. The sun of Earth had dimmed, the moon had retreated and salt clogged the sluggish oceans, filled the rivers that toiled slowly between white, crystalline banks, beneath darkened, moody skies that slumbered in eternal evening.

A beautiful piece of writing, but wait… the blurb is even better!

From the mercurial mind of Michael Moorcock…
Tales of other worlds, other dimensions – strangely beautiful with rich surrealistic landscapes. Tales of doom, despair, horror, of dazzling invention and inspired genius. Including:
Escape From Evening: one man finds that there is only one ironical escape in a sad, dying world.
The Mountain: the two last men on earth search for the last woman.
The Golden Barge: what did a single murder matter when the golden barge sailed slowly onwards?
Consuming Passion: a tale of a pyromaniac with a chilling difference.
The Pleasure Garden Of Felipe Sagittarius: what was a Roman doing in Berlin; found strangled on a garden of strange, living plants?

Now these are some questions I really have to ask myself??


  1. John April 17, 2009

    Please tell me that you’ve read this book now and that it’s worth picking up a copy. Your summary made the book sound very intriguing.


  2. carolyn July 1, 2009

    Thank you, but maybe my commentary is more interesting than the book haha!

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