blue ladies 2007

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“Blue Ladies” pays homage to the artist Vladimir Tretchikoff who painted ‘Chinese Girl’, informally known as ‘The Blue Lady’. This painting became hugely successful as a reproduction, Tretchikoff sold copies all around the world and they became part of pop culture, appearing in peoples lounge rooms.  Tretchikoff’s prints are now considered to be kitsch retro items and have become collectables. I believe Tretchikoff wasn’t intentionally meaning to be kitsch at all which is the irony of his work.
I have always been drawn to Tretchikoff’s work and similar prints – like J.H.Lynch – that you sometimes stumble across in thrift stores.
The intention of my work is to reproduce the Tretchikoff prints by photographing different women in the same style and poses. I would like to give my subjects the same exotic themes that Tretchnikoff has been using in his paintings however all the women will appear blue like the ‘Chinese Girl’. I am not sure if Tretchikoff painted his subjects face blue intentionally or whether it is the light in the room reflecting in her face. However this is what the painting has now become infamous for ‘The Blue Lady’. My play on Tretchikoff’s work is to intentionally paint all my models faces blue. I am aware that blue has erotic connotations such as ‘blue movies’. I feel a lot of these retro prints had the female figure displayed as a kind of ‘classy’ poster girl for the common man.

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  1. Joshua June 28, 2007


    Anyone can revolt. It is more difficult silently to obey our own inner promptings, and to spend our lives finding sincere and fitting means of expression for our temperament and our gifts

  2. Kiwa March 28, 2009

    I thought this was greaat, All the better in tru life

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