wun thong

Wun Thong is a poet and accomplished BS artist who creates experimental music using elements of chance and improvisation.

Wun Thong captivates his audience with his visual aesthetic, mystical balls and exotic bird calls. His table of goodies is covered with objects; some old, some new and some discarded. The main object of focus is anĀ  ornament from the 1960′s, the Atomic Spray. Transformed into an instrument, it is bowed and tapped, creating clangs, screams and ambient drones. The Atomic lends to the performance giving it an almost surreal and alchemical atmosphere, as Wun Thong stirs up long forgotten stories of the past.

Wun has spent much of his life in rural Wandiligong, Australia which has had a remarkable and original influence on his musical style. Wun was the only son of a Chinese gold miner named Tu, who tragically died on the gold fields while Wun was still a young child. The only memory that was left of his father was his love of poetry and a shoebox of correspondence letters from his father’s long time friend Puerto Punos. Puerto Punos became an inspiration to Wun and through his letters he could see that Puerto had already been a great BS artist before the movement even came to be. Wun Thong continues to create music and poetry in honour of Tu Thong and Puerto Punos.

Wun Thong at Cross Bay Gallery 2007, Sydney, Australia.

Birdcage: Zeedijk and STEIM

Shopfront in Chinatown, Amsterdam.