masque de la force

masque de la force

Fox On The Hill 2009

Fox On The Hill 2009

Fox on the hill 2009

making jam

Friday night at home. I’m having a jam with myself because there is no one else to jam with. I set up all my contact mic instruments and objects and recorded over the top of each other on seperate tracks. It is not perfect because it is unedited, but it was more of an experiment than anything. Most of the objects I am playing make sounds by chance or one off sounds that are unlikely to be repeated each time I play. Sometimes these one off sounds can actually work really well together.

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baking bread

So, the journey has come to an end and here I am back at la fin du monde, trying to adjust to reality. It has been a long haul overseas and to be honest its a bit depressing being back, so to combat any negative feelings I am distracting myself by doing creative things and cooking!
One thing I noticed in Europe was that there was quality bread and it wasn’t so expensive to get it, because it was a kind of standard. Here you have to pay about $7 for good bread and its called “gourmet”.  So I thought, maybe I should try baking bread myself. I hadn’t made bread in a really long time and had to google some recipes to get an idea, but in the end I improvised my own recipe and made a pecan and date fruit bread.

day one:dag een

amber's house

I arrived in Amsterdam on the 11th June. After taking a crazy flight from Montréal via New York, where I had to change airports, to fly to Iceland and finally Amsterdam. I don’t know if it was worth saving $200!!…but maybe in my case, it was. I am trying to survive Europe on a shoestring…thank god I have friends!!
This is Amber’s beautiful house in De Pijp, a nice sunny day, which is apparently rare here, I am so grateful it is summer!