lets play kudo…

I am sorry but the latest versions of WordPress will no longer let you embed html for flash animations because of some problems they were having, so therefor this interactive flash game no longer works on this site.


  1. Amber February 12, 2008

    * if you dont call me when you say you will: -2 points
    *if you sleep with your ex: -10 points
    * if you take away my sparkle: -10 points
    * if you dont pick me up when im in the middle of a sharehouse domestic violence senario: – 5 points
    * lazy marriage proposal: -5 points
    * dodgy mother who sends you weird emails: -4 points
    * if you forget to say thank you to me after i have organized a kick arse suprise 30th birthday party: -5 points
    * if you have ladies who text you in the middle of the night: -4 points

  2. Gordy D June 18, 2008

    Pretty wikked. I feel much better now ;)

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