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Cobargo Creators 8×8 Exhibition

Work I submitted for the 8×8 exhibition at Cobargo Creators Art Gallery 17th August – 1st September 2019. Each piece is made 100% out of repurposed, pre existing materials

Sporogenesis 1-11

The following art works are part of a series of work called Lessons In Botany and have been created using images from old Botany books that would have ended up in a dusty old box or in a rubbish heap. Old out dated Science books have now become obsolete in our modern age, especially when we rarely need to use reference books these days. I wanted to transform these old unwanted books into something as beautiful as the Plant Kingdom they represent. The lessons in botany that I would have preferred, making kingdoms and fantasy worlds out of cells and cross sections. Each artwork is definitely unique and if you stare long enough…you may just go on a journey into Kingdom Plantae.

Spore Dispersal
In The Beginning

masque de la force

masque de la force